Native Plant List

This list of native species found in the Reserve is growing constantly as new plants are identified. We endeavour to confirm identifications with reference to standard guides, and in some cases with the help of organisations like the Queensland Herbarium. Occasionally identification is inaccurate, and we update the register as soon as possible.

You can browse the register by botanical name, or by type. Use the search function on the right to search for common name. We also have a list of weeds currently found in the reserve.


Most of the text found in the descriptions is by John Lahey. The descriptions relate specifically to specimens found in the reserve and should not be taken as definitive. Links to the excellent Atlas of Living Australia are provided for each entry. As the reserve develops and more and more native species return, John’s descriptions also evolve. We have not tried to hide this development, and readers will sometimes find virtual conversations taking place on the pages as questions are posed and answered in subsequent newsletters. Each entry is dated for the newsletter issue in which it originally appeared.