These pages are mainly place markers until we work out what information we need to add. It might be that “About” and “History” get merged, and there might be other things that I haven’t thought of as yet. For instance, we probably want to add a page for wildlife eventually, but I want to focus on the plant lists at first. I think the “Media” page is a dumb idea, but it filled up a gap: I’m happy to keep it or lose it, depending on what people think.

How ever it works out, we should link something (probably “About” in the first instance) to a Credits page. There will probably need to be other stuff added to this in time.

I’m also wondering whether we need to add a “contacts” page, in case a local wants to join the group, or the media wants to get in touch. I’m reluctant to put anyone’s phone or email address up (John would presumably be the obvious choice), but I’m not sure of the alternatives. Any ideas?