Abutilon oxycarpum

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Abutilon oxycarpumFamily: Malvaceae
Genus: Abutilon
Common names: Lantern Bush, Straggly Lantern-bush, Flannel Weed
ALA reference

The plant of Abutilon oxycarpum that appeared in my July Notes has flowered almost continuously since then with small bright yellow flowers on long stems. The flowers are short-lived, lasting only one day. Almost all of the flowers have set seed capsules but most of these have disappeared having been eaten by (I assume) the swamp wallabies. Hopefully the wallabies will leave a few seeds so that we can get some new plants next season. (September 2013)

This is a small rather straggly shrub to about 1.5 to 2 metres tall. It has small yellow flowers that are followed by rather larger seed capsules that are about 7 – 9 mm in size. The photo shows the distinctive seed capsule that gives me confidence that this identification is correct. (July 2013)