Acronychia pauciflora

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Acronychia paucifloraFamily: Rutaceae
Genus: Acronychia
Common names: Soft acronychia
ALA reference

In an earlier note I said that there were several of these small trees in the Reserve. However in reality there is only one mature tree with a few small rather stunted saplings growing underneath it. With its rounded shape and fairly dense glossy green foliage it is an attractive tree. This is the first time I have seen it set any fruit. These are green and 4 lobed to about 10 mm in diameter. Even now it is only carrying a handful of seeds. (February 2011)

A number of these large shrubs to small trees are growing in the reserve. A good specimen can be found just across the track from the soak. It came into bloom about a week ago. (January 2007)