Acronychia imperforata

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Acronychia imperforataFamily: Rutaceae
Genus: Acronychia
Common name: Beach acronychia
ALA reference

We have three Acronychia species growing in the Reserve viz; A. imperforata, A. laevis and A. pauciflora. All three species are in flower this month. Note the distinct joint where the petiole joins the leaf. This feature is a characteristic of all the Acronychias. (February 2011)

I found this poor tree smothered in Cat’s Claw creeper, with its top knocked off and pushed sideways by the fallen tree that had taken out its top. It is unusual to find this plant growing so far inland, because as the common name implies, it is usually found quite close to the coast. A botanist from the Queensland Herbarium has confirmed the identification. (August 2007)