Arytera foveolata

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Arytera foveolataFamily: Sapindaceae
Genus: Arytera
Common names: Pitted coogera
ALA reference

The trees that flowered really well in September are now covered in bright yellow/orange fruit and look quite spectacular. The hairy seedpods are splitting to reveal the black seeds that are covered in a bright red aril. (December 2010)

Following the flush of pale tawny-green new foliage, these trees have produced a small number of flowers. The flowers are mostly clustered at the very tops of the trees and consequently very difficult to see as they are small and inconspicuous. (September 2007)

After studying the Aryteras for some time I was convinced there were two different species growing here. Arytera divaricata produces bright pink to red new growth, but some had a much paler fawnish-coloured new growth. I took a specimen to the Queensland Herbarium and they confirmed that those plants were Arytera foveolata. So we have both Arytera divaricata and Arytera foveolata growing in the reserve. (August 2007)