Clerodendrum tomentosum

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Clerodendrum tomentosumFamily: Lamiaceae
Genus: Clerodendrum
Common names: Hairy clerodendrum, Hairy lollybush
ALA reference

In the Reserve there are a number of plants of Clerodendrum tomentosum and/or Clerodendrum floribundum. I must admit that I have some difficulty with the separation of these two species as it seems to be based entirely on the degree of hairiness of the leaves and calyx. In all other respects the species seem to be identical. The plant pictured, which I believe to be Clerodendrum tomentosum because it has hairy leaves, is high on the southern bank of the erosion gully in about the middle of the Reserve. It is flowering profusely this year and should look spectacular if it fruits well when it will be covered in black seeds each surrounded by a bright red calyx. (October 2010)