Clematicissus opaca

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Clematicissus opacaFamily: Vitaceae
Genus: Clematicissus
Common names: Small-leaf water vine, pepper vine
ALA reference

When I found this small vine growing near the southern track and identified it as Clematicissus opaca I realised that it was the plant I had previously described as Cissus hypoglauca. Both species are highly variable but I think the most distinctive feature that helps in the identification of the two species is the length of the petiolules (the little stem that joins the blade of the leaflet to the leaf’s petiole). In the case of Clematicissus opaca the petiolule is very short or non-existent. Cissus hypoglauca has a very distinct petiolule. The mis-identified entry has been removed from the plant list. (August 2013)