Commelina diffusa

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Commelina diffusaFamily: Commelinaceae
Genus: Commelina
Synonym: Commelina cyanea
Common names: Native Wandering Jew, Scurvy Weed
ALA reference

Commelina diffusa is often treated with contempt or even maligned as a weed. In the reserve it seems to grow very vigorously for a while but then almost disappears. However, the evidence is that its flowers provide a valuable food source for a wide variety of insects, and the leaves and stems are often cropped by swamp wallabies. The photo is of a Commelina flower being visited by a native Blue-banded bee (Amegilla cingulata). (April 2012)

This straggling succulent scrambler is very common and can be found in many gardens where it can grow to several metres in length. Under good conditions it can become quite rampant and weedy in nature. It is easily identified from the introduced wandering jew by its narrower foliage and blue rather than white flowers. It has been called scurvy weed as it was used by early European settlers to avoid or alleviate scurvy. (December 2007)