Coelospermum paniculatum

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Coelospermum paniculatumFamily: Rubiaceae
Genus: Coelospermum
Synonym: Caelospermum paniculatum
Common names: Coelospermum
ALA reference

This strong woody climber is readily identified by its glossy green opposite leaves and large prominent domatia that are visible on both the underside of the leaf and on the upper surface where they appear as raised lumps along the midvein of the leaf. I have only found two specimens of this plant in the Reserve. They produced masses of creamy-white fragrant flowers in November and one plant is now carrying a small number of fruit. The fruit is about 10 to 15mm in diameter and dark purplish black. (February 2009)

I’ve only found one plant of this strong woody climber that has scrambled to about 5 metres high with a stem diameter of about 2 cm. This month it produced masses of pale cream fragrant flowers in terminal clusters. The leaves are dark green and very glossy with prominent domatia along the midvein which appear as raised lumps on the upper surface of the leaves. The fleshy fruit is purplish-black and about 8mm across. (November 2007)

Caelospermum is a vigorous woody climber with thick twining stems. The leaves are thick and glossy and about 10cm long by 5cm wide. It is easily identified by the conspicuous domatia which are visible on both sides of the leaves. They can be seen in the photo as raised lumps on either side of the central vein in the leaf. The flowers are white, to about 8mm in diameter, with conspicuous orange stamens. They are borne in dense, fragrant clusters in the upper leaf axils. The fruit is a fleshy, purplish-black globular drupe about 8mm across. (April 2007)