Cryptocarya triplinervis var. pubens

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Cryptocarya triplinervisFamily: Lauraceae
Genus: Cryptocarya
Common name: Hairy three-veined Cryptocarya
ALA reference

The tree in this photo has grown remarkably well over the past few years and is now over 15 metres tall. It has flowered previously but this year it is absolutely smothered in flower buds so hopefully we’ll get a good crop of fruit that is much loved by the fruit eating birds. The base of the tree is regularly attacked by the feral deer, but fortunately it is pretty tough so it hasn’t yet sustained any life-threatening damage. (September 2013)

I’ve only been able to find the one plant of this species in the reserve. It is growing on the tongue of land that extends from the main part of the reserve to the river. It is a small tree about 10 metres high with dark grey bark and a stem diameter of 20 cm. It didn’t flower last year, but is in flower now so I was able to take a specimen to the Queensland Herbarium to have it identified. The flowers are followed by small black fruit that are about 12 mm in diameter. (October 2007)

I found this small to medium tree growing in the bottom of the gully on the eastern edge of the reserve. It is an attractive tree with glossy dark green leaves and is one of several species of Cryptocarya to be found in the reserve. The most common one in the reserve is the undescribed species Cryptocarya species “Worlds End Pocket”. (August 2007)