Croton insularis

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Croton insularisFamily: Euphorbiaceae
Genus: Croton
Common names: Silver croton
ALA reference

This small to medium tree has flowered profusely this month. However the flowers are relatively small and inconspicuous. As a result of last year’s flowering, there are now lots of seedlings starting to appear around the parent trees in the areas that have been freed from weeds. I suspect this species is a good pioneer plant for the regeneration of the natural bush. Visible in the photo is a couple of the bright orange leaves, which is typical of this species and makes it so easy to identify at a glance in the bush. (March 2009)

The Croton insularis (Silver Croton) trees have flowered profusely this month possibly as a result of the recent rain. However the flowers are relatively inconspicuous being quite small (about 5 mm across) and produced on the ends of the branches. The flowers are very sweetly scented and seem to be attractive to bees. These trees are normally very easy to identify because the older leaves turn bright orange before falling off so the trees normally carry several dozen orange leaves. This characteristic seems to be less obvious at the moment which I suspect is the result of the prolonged drought. (July 2007)