Cupaniopsis parvifolia

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Cupaniopsis parvifoliaFamily: Sapindaceae
Genus: Cupaniopsis
Common names: Small-leaved tuckeroo
ALA reference

The tree which flowered so well a few months ago has produced a bumper crop of fruit. The fruit contain three black seeds which are covered in a bright orange aril. The seeds seem to be much loved by fig birds which I hope will provide good seed dispersal. Every morning there are several scrub turkeys under the tree greedily devouring any fallen seeds. (November 2007)

This tree was once considered to be a variety of Cupaniopsis anacardioides but is now recognised as a distinct species. While its leaves and flowers are very similar to C. anacardioides they are considerably smaller but the tree itself is generally taller and less spreading. It is reasonably common in the reserve and some trees like the one in the northeast corner are absolutely smothered in bloom. The flowers are very popular with the native stingless bees (Trigona carbonaria). (September 2007)