Cyclophyllum coprosmoides var. coprosmoides

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Cyclophyllum coprosmoidesFamily: Rubiaceae
Genus: Cyclophyllum
Synonym: Canthium coprosmoides
Common names: Coast Canthium
ALA reference

Of all the plants that flowered in March the only one that I could find that set seeds is the really old gnarled tree growing on the steep slope above the Brisbane River. (September 2009)

This small tree is scattered sparsely through the reserve. It is easily recognised by the following features:- dark glossy green opposite leaves, many leaves have a few minute domatia on their underside and the trunk has a finely knobbled appearance. As far as I know the plants of this species in the Reserve did not bloom in 2007 or 2008 but this year all of them are smothered in flowers. The flowers are reported to be highly perfumed but when I smelt them mid-morning they were only lightly perfumed. However I suspect that like many plants with white flowers they are pollinated by moths and so may release their perfume from nightfall. The flowers are about 10mm across and the fruit is from 6 – 20 mm long, two lobed turning orange when ripe. It is reported to be inedible but attractive to fruit eating birds. (March 2009)