Davallia pyxidata

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Davallia pyxidataFamily: Davalliaceae
Genus: Davallia
Common names: Hare’s foot fern
ALA reference

This is a common native fern (but not common in the Reserve) and can be found growing as an epiphyte on rainforest trees or as a lithophyte on rocks. It has a thick rhizome covered in brown papery scales and large glossy green fronds. It is growing here in the fork of an Acacia disparrima tree. While this plant is not very big it has obviously been growing here for a long time because the original growing point has been completely enclosed by the tree within the tree fork.

This fern is grown widely in cultivation as an ornamental where it thrives in hanging baskets. The aboriginal people boiled the roots and stems and used them as a treatment for haemorrhaging. (May 2008)