Spangled Drongo

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Spangled drongoGenus: Dicrurus
Species: Dicrurus bracteatus
Common names: Spangled Drongo
ALA reference

The spangled drongo with its glossy black plumage, iridescent blue-green spangles, blood red eye and forked fishtail-like tail is probably the most easily recognized of all our birds. It has a very loud and to my ears a very harsh call. One afternoon recently I watched a pair of spangled drongos performing aerial acrobatic manoeuvres. They didn’t appear to be hunting insects so I can only assume it was a form of pair bonding. Every now and then one of the nesting eastern yellow robins flew quite close to one of the pair as if to upset their routine. I don’t really know whether this was its intention or whether it was just hunting insects.

(August 2012)