Dianella caerulea

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Dianella caeruleaFamily: Hemerocallidaceae
Genus: Dianella
Common name: Blueberry Flax Lily
ALA reference

This is by far the most common of the Dianella species to be found in the Fort bushland and can be seen growing in most parts of the reserve. It tends to have tall somewhat floppy stems and most plants seem to have very pale flowers. The majority of the plants have dark glaucous leaves but a few have paler yellowish-green leaves with darker flowers. At least six distinct varieties of this species are recognised by botanists but I must admit that I was unable to identify confidently which varieties are growing in the reserve.

Like all the Dianellas this species has brightly coloured blue-purple fruit. I’ve noted that the flower spikes and fruit on the Dianellas seem to be eaten by animals, probably the swamp wallabies. (October 2012)