Echinostephia aculeata

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Echinostephia aculeataFamily: Menispermaceae
Genus: Echinostephia
Common name: Prickly snake vine
ALA reference

There are three or four plants of this species in the reserve but they have all been very slow to start growing again after the area was weeded. The stems of this twining climber are covered in fine prickles, but they are not really prickly to the touch. The plants are dioecious and one of the plants has produced a number of racemes of small male flowers. So far there are no signs of flowers on any of the other plants but I am still hoping one will turn out to be a female plant. (October 2012)

I found a couple of these vines (although possibly from the same rootstock) growing in the area near Eddystone Road that has been more or less cleared of Cat’s Claw. The stems are covered in fine prickles and it climbs by twining around supporting plants in a snake-like fashion. The plants are dioecious and produce small reddish-orange fruit. I believe it is a relatively uncommon species. (November 2007)