Goliath Stick Insect

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Goliath Stick InsectGenus: Eurycnema
Species: Eurycnema goliath
Common names: Goliath Stick Insect
ALA reference

I was quite surprised one morning when this bright green female goliath stick insect walked right past where I was weeding on the forest floor. I assumed she had fallen from the tree canopy because she proceeded to climb back up a very large iron bark tree. This species is the second largest of the Australian stick insects and was about 16 cm long although the males are typically smaller and lighter. These insects feed on the leaves of trees, typically eucalypts, and mostly live in the tree canopy, which is why they are rarely seen even though they may really be quite common. Because of their size the adults are relatively immune from attack by spiders and preying mantises but they make great tucker for birds such as crested hawks and kookaburras.

(July 2010)