Golden Trapdoor Spider

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Golden trapdoor spiderGenus: Euoplos
Common names: Golden Trapdoor Spider
ALA reference

Since May this year, we have found two more Trapdoor spider burrows. One is on flat ground and quite similar to the one we found in May. The other is at the top of the steep erosion gully and the trapdoor is almost vertical.

(October 2010)

We found the burrow of this large trapdoor spider while we were weeding one Thursday morning. It is flat on the ground and quite difficult to spot among the leaf litter. All the trapdoors I’ve found previously in National Parks have been on relatively steep mossy banks and this is the first I’ve seen on flat ground. From the size of the burrow I’m sure the spider is fully grown and it appears to have been living there for some time. Hazel’s ring gives an indication of just how big the burrow is and it is definitely the largest I have seen.

(May 2010)