Flindersia schottiana

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Flindersia schottianaFamily: Rutaceae
Genus: Flindersia
Common names: Cudgerie, Bumpy Ash, Silver Ash
ALA reference

Most of the trees that flowered so well a few months ago are now laden with their large prickly seedpods. The pods split asymmetrically and tend to break apart before falling to the ground, releasing about 25 to 30 flat papery seeds. (January 2009)

This is a very common species in the Reserve and I think all of the more mature trees have flowered magnificently this year. The white flowers have a delightful honey scent. Last year many of the trees were covered in buds but the weather was so dry that almost all the buds were lost before they opened. The flowers are followed by large woody seedpods that have a rough prickly exterior and five segments which contain about 15 rather heavy flat winged seeds. (November 2008)

The Bumpy Ash (Flindersia schottiana) which flowered beautifully in November is now dropping its winged seeds and empty seed pods. The seed pods are similar to those from the Crow’s Ash (Flindersia australis) but are longer and thinner and don’t have the perfect symmetry of those from the Crow’s Ash. (February 2007)