Flindersia bennettiana

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Flindersia bennettianaFamily: Rutaceae
Genus: Flindersia
Common names: Bennett’s ash
ALA reference

These trees which flowered from 3 to 6 months ago have set a number of large 5 sided prickly fruit that contain winged seeds. If you check out the trees you can spot the fruit high in the tree-tops which made them difficult to photograph. (November 2007)

Flowers first appeared on the F. bennettiana about two months ago and I’m amazed that the same trees are still covered in bloom. As this tree is not particularly common, I collected a specimen for the Queensland herbarium. I’m hoping that the trees will set some seeds this year. The fruit is a “prickly” five-sided capsule containing winged seeds. (August 2007)

One of the very few plants to flower this month is Flindersia bennettiana (Bennett’s Ash). This is one of the five Flindersia species to be found in the reserve and normally flowers from September to October. I assume the exceptionally dry weather has upset the normal flowering pattern. This Ash can be recognised by its very large compound leaves. There are four or five F. bennettiana growing in the reserve and at least two of them are in flower now. (June 2007)