Glycine tabacina

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Glycine tabacinaFamily: Fabaceae
Genus: Glycine
Common name: Variable Glycine
ALA reference

This scrambling twining vine has recently covered quite a large area in the Reserve beside Eddystone Road. It has been growing here for a number of years but recently it has formed quite a thick ground cover as can be seen in the photo on the next page. Conditions here must be just right for this species. (December 2012)

This is one of the native Glycines and should not be confused with the exotic creeper Glycine (Neonotonia wightii). It is a perennial herb with a woody taproot and scrambling/twining growth habit. It has typical peaflower pods which are initially straight but usually twist after dehiscence. It can be found in the open grassy area beside Fort Road. (December 2007)