Gossia hillii

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Gossia hilliiFamily: Myrtaceae
Genus: Gossia
Common names: Scaly myrtle
ALA reference

These trees flowered in October last year and are now covered in masses of green fruit that turn a glossy black when ripe. The fruit are edible but have a fairly insipid taste.

(February 2008)

There is a small clump of two or three mature plants growing on the bank of the lower part of the erosion gully. The plants are in flower now so I was able to take a specimen to the Queensland Herbarium for identification. The species was confirmed as Gossia hillii. I have amended our list of native plants as I think this plant had previously been listed as Austromyrtus sp. (Brookfield) which is now Gossia punctata. The pretty white flowers are produced singly from the leaf axils. I’ve noticed that there are no flowers open on days when the air is very dry.

(October 2007)