Eastern Water Dragon

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Eastern water dragonGenus: Intellagama
Species: Intellagama lesueurii lesueurii
Synonym: Physignathus lesueurii
Common names: Eastern water dragon, water dragon
ALA reference

The Fort Bushland seems to support very few lizards. I suspect that this may be a legacy of the site being totally overrun by cat’s claw and ochna that provide nothing for insects to eat. I am hoping that as the site regenerates the insect population at ground level will increase, providing a food source for more reptiles. Over the years I have noted a steady decline in the population of bearded dragons so that now it is quite rare to see one. I wonder if this decline can be attributed to the cane toad. Are bearded dragons being killed by eating small cane toads? Conversely there seems to have been a steady increase in the numbers of eastern water dragons. These big lizards are now very common and I often see one in the Fort Bushland.

(October 2013)