Kennedia rubicunda

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Kennedia rubicundaFamily: Fabaceae
Genus: Kennedia
Common names: Dusky Coral Pea, Red Kennedy Pea
ALA reference

This vigorous creeper that flowered in August is now carrying a number of ripe, typically pea shaped, seed pods. The pods are about 8 to 12 cm long and rattle with dry peas when shaken. In the last few days the pods have started to dehisce as shown in the photo. I assume from the spiral shape of the empty pods that this is an explosive process that scatters the seeds quite widely. (October 2009)

This is a vigorous twining creeper growing to about 4 metres. The leaves are trifoliate and may be glabrous or densely covered in fine hairs as in this plant. The brilliant red flowers are followed by hairy seed pods about 5 to 10 cm long, carrying up to 14 seeds. This plant came up about 6 months ago in the cleared area near Eddystone Road. I can only assume that the seeds have a hard coat and can remain viable in the soil for a lengthy period as there have been no plants of this species here for more than three years. The only other possibility is that the seed was brought here by a bird. This very showy plant has been used in horticulture. (August 2009)