Leucopogon juniperinus

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Leucopogon juniperinusFamily: Ericaceae
Genus: Leucopogon
Common name: Prickly Beard-heath
ALA reference

This straggly shrub grows to about a metre in height; but all the plants in the reserve are no more than about 60 cm tall. It has very prickly little leaves and tubular white flowers from May through to about October. The small almost spherical fruit are bright yellow and shiny when ripe but only about 4 mm in diameter. I’ve only found about half a dozen of these plants scattered across the reserve. A few weeks ago I found that one of the plants had several ripe fruit but when I went back the next day to photograph them they were gone. It is possible that a bird had eaten them. I had to wait another week before I found another (almost) ripe fruit. I took this photo straight away before it too disappeared. (August 2012)