Leptochloa decipiens subsp. asthenes

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Leptochloa decipiensFamily: Poaceae
Genus: Leptochloa
Common name: Slender Canegrass
ALA reference

In March 2008 I added Leptochloa decipiens subsp. decipiens to the list of plants growing in the Reserve. Since then those plants have grown and multiplied so that the species is now common in the Reserve. They are now covered in seeds and stand about 1.5 metres high. Growing along the eastern half of the southern firetrail is Leptochloa decipiens subsp. asthenes. It seems to be much smaller than subsp. decipiens but in other respects appears to be superficially similar. The plant identification key differentiates the two based on the lack of spikelets near the base of the racemes in the case of subsp. asthenes. (March 2010)