Lobelia purpurascens

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Lobelia purpurascensFamily: Campanulaceae
Genus: Lobelia
Synonym: Pratia purpurascens
Common name: Whiteroot
ALA reference

This species seems to have thrived during the long dry spell followed by the heavy rains. The photo shows a patch of Whiteroot in full bloom that seems to be out- competing, or at least holding its own, against the ubiquitous Ottochloa gracillima. This grass was cut back severely during the long dry spell but with the recent rain has returned the reserve to a brilliant emerald green. (February 2013)

This herb is common and widespread and can be found in many gardens. It grows either prostrate or slightly ascending attaining a height of about 10 cm. It has a milky sap and long white rhizomes, hence the common name. It prefers shady sites that are reasonably moist and can be found in the firebreak along the eastern boundary of the reserve. The flowers are unisexual and the plants dioecious. (December 2007)