Variegated Fairy-wren

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Variegated fairy-wrenGenus: Malurus
Species: Malurus (Leggeornis) lamberti
Common names: Variegated Fairy-wren
ALA reference

On a number of days I have seen fern fronds waving about and heard the calls from a family of variegated fairy wrens. These wrens are often very hard to see in the ferns but I was lucky enough to capture a photo of a male as he briefly emerged from the ferns.

(June 2012)

Variegated Fairy-wrenA number of families of Variegated Fairy-wrens are to be found in the reserve, but I am really unsure as to just how many there are. This handsome breeding male is sitting just above the dome shaped nest of grass. I only found the nest by chance when a female Variegated Fairy-wren did the disappearing trick. The location of the nest was a surprise to me because it is right out in the open under a small fallen branch. The female constructs the nest without help from the male. Breeding can occur throughout the year but at this stage the nest appears to be empty.

(September 2012)

Variegated Fairy-wren nest