Maytenus bilocularis

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Maytenus bilocularisFamily: Celastraceae
Genus: Maytenus
Common names: Orange bark
ALA reference

Although these trees were covered in flowers in September they set relatively few fruit, with some trees setting none at all. However the plants seem to be scattered through the reserve so I assume that they have a good seed dispersal mechanism probably by fruit eating birds. (January 2008)

This is a large shrub to small tree and derives its common name from the orange inner bark which can be seen if the outer bark is scraped off. It produces masses of small greenish yellow flowers in small clusters along the thinner branches and branchlets. I’ve been surprised that even very small plants less than a metre high have flowers. With its glossy dark green leaves it is a very attractive plant even when not in bloom. I’m surprised it is not used more frequently as a garden plant. (September 2007)