Noisy Miner

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Noisy minerGenus: Manorina
Species: Manorina (Myzantha) melanocephala
Common names: Noisy Miner
ALA reference

This year the noisy miners nested on the end of a Flindersia schottiana branch that overhangs the edge of Eddystone Road. I noted that there were at least three adult birds catching insects to feed the ravenous chicks. When I took this photo the chicks appeared to be almost ready to leave the nest. Noisy miners have a reputation for aggressively driving small birds out of their territories so as to protect their food sources of nectar and small insects. In the Fort Bushland they tend to occupy only the very edges of the Reserve and I haven’t seen them attacking any of the small birds. However they mercilessly mob any perceived threatening animals such as birds of prey or snakes.

(October 2013)