Oplismenus hirtellus

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Oplismenus hirtellusFamily: Poaceae
Genus: Oplismenus
Synonym: Oplismenus imbecillis
Common names: Pademelon grass, Basket Grass, Creeping Beard Grass
ALA reference

In the Reserve this species is common and widespread. Like the other two forest-floor grasses, Ottochloa gracillima and Oplismenus aemulus, it too forms thick mats but they are not as dense as those of the other two grasses. It can be distinguished from O. aemulus by the following features: narrow leaves with a length to breadth ratio greater than ten; relatively straight leaves that are dark bluish green with reddish tinges on the underside; and relatively short racemes at the base of the inflorescence. Also, the awns are not long or as prominent as those of O. aemulus. (March 2009)