Oplismenus aemulus

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Oplismenus aemulusFamily: Poaceae
Genus: Oplismenus
Common name: Beard grass, Australian Basket Grass, Creeping Rainforest Grass
ALA reference

It is pleasing to see hundreds of Oplismenus aemulus seedlings germinating in the restoration area. This grass is now becoming more common across the cleared areas of the reserve as recovery gathers momentum. This species can be readily separated from the more common Oplismenus hirtellus by its much broader leaf. It is also a more robust plant. (October 2010)

We have three native species of forest floor grasses in the Reserve that spread by runners rooting at the nodes. The most common is Ottochloa gracillima, followed by Oplismenus hirtellusOplismenus aemulus is the least common of the three species. Like the Ottochloa it too forms dense mats. It can be distinguished from O. hirtellus by the following features: broad leaves with a length to breadth ratio of less than seven; wavy margins and wavy surface of the leaves; and relatively long (up to 5 cm) racemes at the base of the inflorescence. (March 2009)