Olive-backed Oriole

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Olive-backed OrioleGenus: Oriolus
Species: Oriolus (Mimeta) sagittatus
Common names: Olive-backed Oriole
ALA reference

This bird together with its close relative, the Figbird, is very common in the reserve. It feeds mainly on small fruits but will also catch insects, which it often does on the wing. It can often be seen feeding on the tiny berries on the Trema tomentosa and at the moment it seems to be relishing the fruit on the Polyscias elegans. The bird in this photo is immature. Adult birds have reddish beaks and red eyes. It can be distinguished from its close relative, the figbird, by its lack of bare skin patches around the eyes. I don’t anticipate any difficulties in catering to the needs of this bird as our restoration progresses.

(July 2012)