Owenia venosa

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Owenia venosaFamily: Meliaceae
Genus: Owenia
Common names: Crow’s apple, Rose almond, Rose apple
ALA reference

A small clump of Owenia venosa trees is growing on the bank near the lower end of the large erosion gully. These trees appear to be quite old and are clearly part of the remnant vegetation. The Queensland herbarium has recorded this stand as the most easterly naturally occurring plants of this species found in Queensland. The trees grow to about 20 metres and have a dense crown of glossy dark green leaves. The young plants are easy to identify because the juvenile leaves have a winged rachis. I’ve been watching the trees each spring and early summer in the hope of seeing them in bloom but with no luck so far. Obviously though they have flowered because I found this fruit on the ground underneath the trees. The fruit contains a hard tough stone that is reputedly very difficult to germinate. It was suggested to me that they needed to be eaten by an emu and then to pass through its system before they would germinate. (May 2010)