Spotted Pardalote

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Spotted pardaloteGenus: Pardalotus
Species: Pardalotus (Pardalotus) punctatus
Common names: Spotted Pardalote
ALA reference

I will mention a brief encounter I had with a Spotted Pardalote who came down to drink at the dripping tap in the northern part of the Fort. These delightful birds have beautiful white spots on their black heads with yellow, red and deep orange colours on their bodies. All four species of pardalotes in Australia nest in deep tunnels that they create in embankments or pushed up dirt mounds.

Spotted Pardalotes are more commonly found in and near rainforests, whereas Striated Pardalotes are more often found in suburbia and open forests. I learned that the call of the Spotted Pardalote sounds like a pleasant “Paul Kea-ting, Paul Kea-ting”. (Deborah Metters)

(November 2013)