Passiflora suberosa

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Passiflora suberosaWeed
Family: Passifloraceae
Genus: Passiflora
Common names: Corky Passion Vine
ALA reference

This is a Brisbane CIty Council Class R Pest 

This is a slender vine with green stems which become white and corky with age. It uses tendrils to cling to supporting plants. The leaves are normally 3 lobed and pointed. The leaves have two raised glands in the middle of the leaf stalk which makes it easy to confirm the identity of this species. The flowers are white to greenish yellow and the fruit is green turning purple black when ripe. This weed is very common right across the reserve and while it does not appear to be particularly destructive it should be destroyed when you encounter it. It may become more of a problem as we eradicate the Cat’s Claw creeper and Ochna.