Passiflora foetida

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Passiflora foetidaWeed
Family: Passifloraceae
Genus: Passiflora
Common names: Stinking passionflower
ALA reference

This is a Brisbane City Council Pest 

Sheldon Navie kindly identified this weed. I must confess that I have previously weeded them from the bushland believing them to be Passiflora foetida but when I crushed the leaves of this plant and found it had no particular smell I wondered if I had misidentified it. As the vines grow the leaves develop their typical three lobed shape and the plant starts to acquire its foetid smell. When I pulled up this plant both of these characteristics were beginning to appear. My sister, Susan Phillips, came across a patch of these weeds on the Sunshine Coast and was able to confirm that the young plants were just like the plant illustrated here.

(June 2013)