Pleogyne australis

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Pleogyne australisFamily: Menispermaceae
Genus: Pleogyne
Common name: Pleogyne
ALA reference

This vine grows in abundance in most parts of the bushland. To eradicate the cat’s claw creeper, large areas of the reserve have been sprayed several times with Roundup (glyphosate). To my surprise I have found that while Roundup kills most plants Pleogyne australis is only mildly affected and usually survives being sprayed with this herbicide.

These vines are dioecious so only the female plants bear fruit. The photo shows a nice cluster of fruit in various stages of ripeness. (August 2013)

The dioecious Pleogyne vines (Pleogyne australis) have produced their male and female flowers on separate plants. These tiny flowers are about the size of a pin head but the female flowers are followed by black fruit about 12 mm in diameter. (February 2007)

This is a tall climber with thin woody stems and leathery but thin textured pubescent (hairy) leaves. There is quite a variation in leaf shape from lanceolate to heart shaped. It is dioecious and flowers in summer. Most plants seem to be in bud at the moment. The female vines produce small black fruit which are about 8mm in diameter. (January 2007)