Planchonella pohlmaniana

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Planchonella pohlmanianaFamily: Sapotaceae
Genus: Planchonella
Synonym: Pouteria pohlmaniana
Common names: Yellow boxwood
ALA reference

These trees flowered prolifically in November and it is pleasing to see that they have set a lot of fruit. The fruit is now about 20mm in diameter but not yet quite ripe. They contain 3 to 5 seeds which have a characteristic elongate white scar. (January 2008)

Several of these small trees are now smothered in flowers with the buds clothing the smaller branches and twigs. The photo below shows a closeup of an open flower and a mass of unopened buds. The flowers only open sufficiently to provide about a 1mm hole for access by the pollinators. I would expect the flowers to be pollinated by a specific species (or genus) of insects but was unable to find any information on this subject. Interestingly the flowers somehow shed a small white spherical shell about 3 mm in diameter with holes in each end through this tiny opening. I’m hoping that the trees will set some fruit which are yellow or purplish and about 20 – 25 mm in diameter. (November 2007)

Planchonella pohlmaniana