Podocarpus elatus

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Podocarpus elatusFamily: Podocarpaceae
Genus: Podocarpus
Common names: Plum pine, Brown pine
ALA reference

The large Podocarpus elatus tree in the middle of the Reserve produced a prodigious crop of fruit this year. When these dropped off, the ground under the tree was a solid mat of seeds. These seeds are now starting to germinate. The photo shows some of the developing seedlings surrounded by hard black un-germinated seeds. (October 2011)

This is a large dioecious tree growing to 40 metres. The timber has a fine even texture and straight grain and has been used for cabinet making. This species belongs to a very ancient genus that first appeared about 250 million years ago. There is a large tree in the middle of the Reserve and a smaller one shades the picnic table beside Fort Road. There are numerous saplings surrounding the tree in the middle of the Reserve. The fruit is a hard black seed about the size of a small olive borne on a thick fleshy edible stem. (September 2008)