Common Bearded Dragon

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Bearded dragonGenus: Pogona
Species: Pogona barbata
Common names: Common Bearded Dragon
ALA reference

We do still have a few bearded dragons in the Reserve. This one puffed itself up and let out a loud warning hiss when it was right in my path and I nearly trod on it.

(December 2013)

Over recent years I’ve found that the common bearded dragon does not seem to be as prevalent as it once was, while the population of the eastern water dragon (Intellagama lesueurii) has increased. However I’ve seen several common bearded dragons in the last few months. This handsome fellow (below) supervised my weeding in the north-east corner of the Reserve. When I got too close, the dragon put on a formidable display with a puffed out torso, darkened skin and a most impressive “beard”.

(April 2008)

Common Bearded Dragon