Pseuderanthemum variabile

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Pseuderanthemum variabileFamily: Acanthaceae
Genus: Pseuderanthemum
Common names: Love flower, pastel flower
ALA reference

I was quite surprised to find a patch of these plants with long thin fleshy leaves instead of the more common broadly elliptic shaped leaves. However as the specific epithet suggests, this is a highly variable species not just in flower colour but also vegetative characteristics. (January 2012)

The Love Flower (Pseuderanthemum variabile) is a small ground cover plant growing to 30cm tall. It is quite common in the reserve but most of the plants I have seen here would be less than 10cm tall. The flower colour varies from white through pink to shades of lilac. It produces copious quantities of seed which is spread when the seed capsules dehisce explosively. Some small butterflies are attracted to this plant. (February 2007)