Rose-crowned Fruit-dove

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Rose-crowned Fruit-doveGenus: Ptilinopus
Species: Ptilinopus (Ptilinopus) regina
Common names: Rose-crowned Fruit-dove
ALA reference

One of the benefits of having the birdbath is that it acts as a focus for many of the birds in the reserve. Very late one afternoon, when it was almost dark, we spotted this bird waiting to get a drink. It was really too dark to see it properly but it was so determined to get a drink that I was able to go home for my camera while my sister watched it. From the photo it can be identified as a juvenile Rose-crowned Fruit-dove. This is quite exciting as it hasn’t been seen in the reserve before. As soon as we left the area the Fruit- dove went straight down to the birdbath to get the drink for which it had waited so patiently.

(September 2012)