Sida hackettiana

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Sida hackettianaFamily: Malvaceae
Genus: Sida
Common names: Spiked sida, Golden rod
Synonym: Sida subspicata
ALA reference

In March 2010 I found a plant of Sida hackettiana growing in the grassy area just below the picnic ground. This plant is still growing and is now over 2 metres tall but thin and lanky. When we submitted a specimen of the plant shown below to the Queensland Herbarium it too was identified as Sida hackettiana. This form only grows to about 40 or 50 cm in height and forms quite a dense ground cover. Further investigation revealed that this low-growing form was first collected by Paul Grimshaw in the Gayndah area in 1996 and is referred to in the Queensland Herbarium’s census as Sida hackettiana subsp. (Gayndah P.Grimshaw+ PG2388). Paul has also found it growing on his own property at Mt Crosby. In Australia’s Virtual Herbarium this subspecies is referred to as Sida hackettiana subsp. “virescens” so I think that this subspecies, when it is finally described, will be Sida hackettiana subsp. virescens. (March 2013)

This species grows to about 2 metres in height with alternate velvety, densely hairy leaves. The small yellow flowers are about 5 to 8 mm across. This plant appeared in the bushcare restoration area just below the picnic area. (March 2010)