Stephania japonica var. discolor

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Stephania japonica var. DiscolorFamily: Menispermaceae
Genus: Stephania
Common names:  Snake Vine, Tape Vine
ALA reference

In March 2012 I found a plant of this species in the restoration area just below the junction of the two firetrails. That plant is still there and has grown a little bit bigger. However I am pleased to be able to report finding a much larger plant climbing up a large brush box tree. The species is dioecious and this plant is obviously female because it is carrying bunches of ripening fruit. The small fruit are about 4mm in diameter. Since this plant has set what appear to be fertile fruit there must be a male plant in the area that flowered at the same time.

Stephania japonica var. DiscolorThe vine is easy to identify with its large, leathery, almost heart-shaped, peltate leaves that are dark green on top and much paler on the underside. (May 2014)