Toechima tenax

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Toechima tenaxFamily: Sapindaceae
Genus: Toechima
Common names: Pitted-leaf steelwood
ALA reference

This small tree grows to about 15 metres and is not very common in our Reserve although it is a reasonably common species in the Brisbane area. There is also a clump of these trees on the river bank reserve at the end of Blackheath Road. The tree has glossy dark green compound leaves with typically 2 to 6 leaflets. This species is relatively easy to identify because most leaflets have a few (typically 1 to 3) prominent domatia. These are hollow swellings adjacent to the midvein of the leaflet and they are not hairy.

The small creamy white flowers are carried on panicles about 4 to 7cm in length. The fruit is an orange/yellow pear shaped capsule with 2 or 3 lobes up to 20mm in length. The seeds are typically ripe around September/October.
It is an attractive small tree and would be suitable for cultivation in many gardens. (June 2008)