Sacred Kingfisher

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Sacred KingfisherGenus: Todiramphus
Species: Todiramphus sanctus
Common names: Sacred Kingfisher
ALA reference

This year I’ve been lucky to find a pair of Sacred Kingfishers as they just start to excavate a nest in a living termite mound. They have been taking turns to fly down to dig out the mud with their rather large bills. The male and female have similar markings but the male has a slightly darker colouration. While not actively working on the nest they carefully scan the bush for any sign of prey and then swoop down to catch it before returning to their perch.

(September 2012)

Kingfisher nestLast week I heard a chirring noise in the bush and eventually found that it was coming from a termite mound on the side of a tree. A Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) had built its nest in the termite mound and the babies had hatched and wanted food. The Reserve has lots of termite mounds on the sides of trees and many of these have been used by the Sacred Kingfishers for nesting.

(December 2008)