Veronica plebeia

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Veronica plebeiaFamily: Plantaginaceae
Genus: Veronica
Common names: Trailing Speedwell, Creeping Speedwell
ALA reference

This low-growing ground cover plant has appeared sporadically in a number of locations across the reserve but this is the first time I have seen it forming a dense mat covering the ground. It seems to struggle to compete with grasses such as Ottochloa gracillima. It produces tiny lilac to pale blue or mauve flowers. (March 2013)

I found this little groundcover plant about 6 months ago trailing amongst a patch of Einadia trigonos subsp. stellulata (Fishweed). Unfortunately it suffered a bit in the very dry spell we’ve just had and I thought it had disappeared. However it has survived and has just started to flower. It spreads via stolons that grow to about a metre in length and root at the nodes. The tiny flowers are about 4mm across and vary from pale blue to lilac or mauve. This species flowers in spring and early summer. (November 2009)